Friday, July 8, 2011

Road Rage

Road Rage. Yes, I suffer from it. Trying to keep this demon hidden within the core of my existence is a chore. However, it knocks on my internal basement door wanting out badly. BADLY. I can't relent even when I'm behind an individual driving like he doesn't have anything better to do. This afternoon I decided at the last minute to take off early and hit the lake. Alas! Not too quickly. Even though it felt like it, but I know it really wasn't happening, I thought it took 10 minutes to drive 2 miles. At first I thought the person was talking on their cell phone, but I don't really think that was the case. When whoever it was turned onto 63, I think they continued at the very same pace.

When I was younger my parents referred to these people as Sunday Drivers. Today is Friday. Not Sunday. My demons were knocking loudly. I wanted to honk. I wanted to fly the bird. I wanted to pass this person as fast as my car could take me. I didn't. I'm proud that I didn't. I didn't even scream cuss words in the comfort of my own vehicle.

You never realize how awful this is until you are with someone that exercises road rage. Unfortunately I have rubbed off onto my hubby. He used to be a silent road rager. He never really said a word. However he did began fighting demons the day I honked his horn. I vowed to never ever honk his horn again and I haven't. Some old lady took her time in front of him and wouldn't let him around her. So he mumbled something inaudible in frustration. So, being the helpful wife that I am. I reached over and honked his horn. Well the road rage demon quit knocking because the nagging bitchy wife demon beat down the door. That demon came unleashed on me in a way I had not experienced before. Under no circumstances was I to EVER honk his horn when he was driving. all I could muster.

That day has it's own special tag on my brain. I still giggle about it. The funny thing is...he's become a HONKER. Yes. He cusses too. All the things I used to do terribly, he now does. The sad thing is...he has really come across some pretty horrible driving experiences. I know because I don't drive when he's driving and I don't honk the horn. Instead I'm a quiet passenger wondering how long it's gonna take us to get anywhere. Therefore I know firsthand just how he's been treated as a responsible driver. I don't want hubby to lose his cool and have another heart attack over something completely stupid. And, most of all, I don't want him to have a heart attack over something he learned from his nagging wife.

So in honor of my stifled road rage situation today, I created a new blog post. Boring? Maybe. Honestly you can honk your own horn at that.


Becky K. said...

My sweet little mother had road rage last Sunday Night...well, early Monday Morning. We had gone to pick up Jonathan from work and on the way home a truck had ridden her bumper all the way across a connecting road. When we got to a highway he zoomed around us and my mom HONKED her horn. We were all shocked. I said something and she said, "Well, I don't like him!" Boy did we laugh.
So unexpected.

Erica said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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