Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Our Newest Family Member

This is Kenny Scruffs. Fortunately for him and us, our neighbors found him starving to death at the local lake. He could hardly walk and his ribs were sticking out. They brought him home, picked off tons of ticks and cleaned him up. We watched him for one night while they went out of town. We fell in love. Keep in mind my hubby and I are both animal lovers. He spent the night and the very next morning we got up early to go garage sailing. I took him back to the neighbors how thinking I would return from our morning run in time to bring him back to our house for the last little fun we could have with him. Hubby and I found a couple of toys for him. I couldn't wait to give them to him. Everything was so new to him since he'd been dumped.

To my disappointment, the neighbors had returned from their overnight trip by the time we got home. I told hubby I thought I was gonna cry. He giggled cause he knows me as well as anyone. He told me take the dogs toys to him so he could have something to play with. Then I dropped my big question: If the other people don't want him, do you care if I tell Tracy and Terry that we want him??? Of course hubby said he didn't care. So away I went.

I told the neighbors the puppy had been on a car ride, visited with my mom, spent the night with us and was really, really a good puppy. Then I told them if the other people they had found to take him, didn't want him, then, we would take him. Got that? They looked at each other kinda funny and my first thought was they didn't want us to have him. But then Terry said, "we'd rather you take him than the other people." I snatched my boy up and took him home, waving goodbye to Tracy and Terry, the foster parents, all the way.

We named him Kenny. Not that hubby wanted him to have that name, but he couldn't come up with something better. He's named after my second favorite bald guy, Kenny Chesney. At an Easter dinner with my Aunt and Uncle it occurred to me that he looked more like Ozzie Osbourne or Alice Cooper. Then hubby said he liked the name Ozzie, but Kenny had already stuck. Kenny Scruffs has added so much delight to our little home in just a few weeks he's been here.

I believe things happen for a reason. Annie Peanut has been ill for quite some time. Very soon we will have to make the last decision about her. If Kenny gives us as much joy as Annie has, we will be so very lucky he came into our lives when he did!! Welcome home Kenny!!


Becky K. said...

It was meant to be. He is precious!!
I'm so sorry to hear that you will have to make decisions about your dear Annie.
These things are just so hard.

A New England Girl said...

He is SO adorable!! I'm so glad he has ended up in such a loving and safe home... and I hope the people who left him in such an unfortunate circumstance at the lake get what is coming to them. How sad... but also how lucky for Kenny Scruffs. I can't wait to read more about your adventures with this new family member. :)

Kat aka Beachkat said...! LOVE him and his cute name! Congrats to you and him 'cause he's a lucky little boy to be a part of your family.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the family!
Love Ya,
Ginger, Bosley, and Bailey

Lisa @ akawest said...

Have fun with your new family member. He's adorable!

Sue said...

Kenny should meet my friend's dog Chesney.

I'm glad Kenny is there to help you with your grief tonight.