Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Day Excursion Part 1

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom Linda!! Yesterday after a quick trip to Sam's in Columbia, I told mom we should return on Sunday to go to Strawberry Hill Nursery. A quick check on the net and we were on our way early this morning. And believe me, it was so worth the second trip back to Columbia in 2 days.

Years ago when I went to thru Colorado with my parents, I suffered in the back seat while listening to my mom say, "Mercy, MERCY ME!" every time we turned the curves on the mountains. I was so sick of each view of the mountain(s) and the I-lost-track-of-the-number-of-times mom would chant her Mercy Me mantra. I vowed never to return to Colorado. Just so you know, I haven't. I have no desire to see another mountain for as long as I live. (Unless someone wants to pay my way of course.)

Today we shared a mantra. When we first walked into the greenhouses at Strawberry Hill we couldn't help but to exclaim "how beautiful" and "oh my goodness" while taking in the blooming beauty of the flowers and plants. A lot of love and care has gone into each one of those beautiful plants. The prices were quite lovely too!!

Purple is mom's color this year. We packed home some purple petunia's to add to her color scheme this season.

Lots and lots of Portulaca's. LOTS. Beautiful in every Portulaca colors!!
I brought home a mixture of 3 colors. It's already huge and it's not even the middle of May yet.

If we could have fit all of these in the car. Maybe next time.

When we were leaving I had to snap this pic since this is the first view we had of the first of many greenhouses.

The gorgeous farm across the road was very inviting. It made us wish for a home in the country.
After this stop, we headed north to Booneville to the Vintage Hill Farms Nursery. Lots of unique plants and amazing countryside. I took lots of pics there so I'll share those with you tomorrow.


Marie said...

What beautiful flowers! I love going to Garden Centres. I could spend a bomb in them, but do restrain myself. It is my dream to one day have my own greenhouse that I can grow some plants and flowers in! xxoo

Becky K. said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Glad you had a lovely day to enjoy them. Sunshine and blue skies, a Mom and flowers....who could ask for anything more.

Becky K.

Helen said...

Missouri and flowers ... a wonderful combination for sure! Please tell your mother how very lovely she is.

D.O.S.A. said...

Your mom is so beautiful! It is so nice to see a mom and daughter who enjoy spending time together.

colonialhomestead said...

So so many flowers and beautiful. How I would love to have them all in my rock gardens.