Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye Bag

Some time ago, mom and I went shopping at the Lake of the Ozarks. She purchased the special blue bag that you see above to get an addition 15% off of the items she was buying. And also any future buys as long as she brings the bag back with her. Since it was one of our favorite shops we thought it was a good idea. However, Reynaldo had other ideas. The minute mom brought over something in this bag and sat it on the floor, ReyRey claimed it as his own. We both forgot about it and it soon made it's way into my bedroom. I called mom to let her know and even sent her a few photos with Rey sitting inside the bag in the hallway, the bedroom and who knows. She gave up on this bag and let him have it. He was happy. Last winter he slept in it beside the bed.
This morning I was cleaning my bedroom and found the bag under the dresser. I sat it on the bed. Rey just found it and made himself at home. He mews and cries a little until he gets himself situated.
After all that, don't bother him. If he hears you come near him or hears me turn my camera on, the ears turn backwards.


hip chick said...

to cute.

Kat said...

So cute!


Sue said...

Everybody needs their own special place.

For bandana day you can send separate pictures. They don't have to both be in the same shot.

CatHerder said...

hahaha thats adorable