Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Cat Story

A few weeks ago I neatly folded up my favorite fuzzy blanket and placed it at the end of the couch. Hubby called me into the living room and said, "Look at Rey." Rey figured out he could crawl in between the fold and be nice and cozy. I asked Hubby if he put ReyRey there and he said, "no, he did it himself."

Even though he looks like a homeless cat, ReyRey had a nice hour long nap between the folds of my favorite blanket.


Anonymous said...

How funny he looks all snuggled up in there. Cats will hide anywhere.... anywhere at all.


Marie said...

Awww . . . how sweet and adorable. I want a cat. Maybe in a couple of months time. I want an orange one too.

♦Lynne♦Down Willow Lane♦ said...

Oooo..he's gorgeous.I think it's in ginger cats to find the best possible sleeping spots.What alife....I'm comng back as a cat!

D.O.S.A. said...

Finding such a cozy spot was rather smart.

Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

He looks totally content in there! Bear does the same thing with a blanket. We call it the "mole-ing" effect LOL

Loved the pictures from your mother's Day trip! Your mom is beautiful.


Sue said...

Boy that looks warm and comfy on a rainy, chilly day like today. Wish I could crawl in there, too.