Sunday, August 23, 2009

Union Covered Bridge & Other Sites

We've been wanting to go to the Union Covered Bridge since last fall. However, due to all the rain from last summer, we never made it. So, last night we decided it would be a good road trip!

There was lots of info about the bridge. I didn't take the time to read any of it, but wish I had now. At least about the the history of covered bridges.

You will see shortly this bridge has the Burr Arch Trusses.

I've loved this place since the first time I laid eyes on it when my grandma took me and my cousin Amy there many, many moons ago.

Actually since then it has been refurbished. I believe it was in 1987. You can see the boards that were removed and torn off due to the rain last summer. It's hard to imagine the water running that deep but it sure did. I was in hopes they would've fixed that by now. Maybe in the near future...

Recalling what someone told me at work who lives close to this area, a work crew removed some of the boards to allow water to run through. Otherwise the water was so deep and fast they were afraid the bridge would get completely destroyed. So, thankfully that didn't happen. One of the local newspapers had pictures of the water being that high. I wish I could retrieve those pictures!

The arched trusses. I remember Amy and I running across this bridge. Now as a 40 year old I was a bit chicken. And couldn't, until I crossed the river below.

This is a better view to see how high the river would have been last summer. Those are little windows to peep out of while you are on the bridge.

Mom loves yellow. She thought this was probably a weed, but wanted to find out what it was anyhow. You can see the cement road that runs through the river just a short way from the bridge.

Standing on the road.

I put too much shadow in this picture. This is from the opposite side. This side makes me want to play Little House on the Prairie Days. In fact some girlfriends and I even talked about putting on our bonnets and taking a picnic here several years ago. I regretted that we never did. Bucket list idea!

This picture would have belonged in Laura Ingalls Wilder's memory book. Minus the graffiti spray painted on the boulders.

Since I made it across from the bottom of the bridge I swallowed my fright and walked across those old rickety boards. Breathing heavy, I stopped to take a picture out of one of those little windows. If we had stayed a moment's longer we would have been able to see some people rafting. Too late we were in the car to leave.

Next we drove to Finger Lakes State Park. Beautiful lake. So calm and pretty. There were several people fishing and boating.

These guys were having a great time.

On we went to a youth area and I cannot for the life of me remember the name. I haven't been here for 11 years. I love the shallow water and cliffs. The last time I was here there were several people rock climbing. If you can see, there are 2 people in the hollow through the branches.

These last 2 photos I took today are my favorite from the whole day. Looked like there was a young girl getting senior pictures taken. There was a chair that must have been used for a prop. I took 2 other pictures of this chair with the bridge in the background. Mysteriously they disappeared by the time I got home. My battery was starting to go dead and I didn't double check to see if I got the pics or not. I tend to learn things the hard way.

No kidding allowed here, I took this one today and just sharpened it a bit. Just barely. The lone little purple flower amongst these yellow daisies.


Lisa @ akawest said...

That looks like a cool place. The photos with the the chair are super freakin' fantastic! The best part of your post was seeing your mom. It is always fun to piece together people's lives.

Sue said...

Hi that chair picture...I usually like B&W over color but I think I like the color photo best...the covered bridge..very cool..there is nothing like a good road trip...I passed along your birthday wishes to the Boo...he says thank you!!

New England Girl said...

Gorgeous photos! I LOVE the covered bridge... we have so many around here and I love stopping for quick photos and a peek around the area, no matter how many times I've done it before. It never gets old! :)

The Adams Family said...

I remember going to that bridge and wondering why in the world did we drive so far to see a bridge?! (it seemed like a long drive at the time) I'd love to take our kids to it, but they'd probably wonder the same thing :)

patty said...

Hi Lisa,
where is the covered bridge located? I live in st charles county mo and would love to photograph it. thanks