Monday, August 3, 2009

It's a Hot One Today

It's hot here in NE Missouri. My goodness we were so spoiled with the July weather we were blessed with. I had a feeling August would be pay back time. Time has absolutely flown by this summer. We've done several things, but it just feels like we haven't had a chance to catch our breath. I'm catching up on several blogs after making my hubby some potatoes he really likes for supper. He's got the grill tonight so I can't rush him. He has to read every word in 2 different newspapers before he fires up the grill.

Everyone, have a great week!!


Lisa said...

Summer always goes by too quickly. You can send all of the heat to me. I would be happy to live with temps in the 90's twelve months a year.

Nanci said...

I think that here in Ontario we will get summer in September again this year.
It's only about 70 degrees again today and of's raining.
At least the guy grills...lots of guys don't or make excuses for not doing it...we are lucky

New England Girl said...

I always love August because it means Fall is right around the corner, but I dread it because of the humidity and hot temps which inevitably come along with it!! We've been getting crazy heat up this way, too, and I am ready for it to be done! I'll gladly send it where someone else wants it. :) I am simply happy the rain is gone... too much!

Gayla said...

Your blog border it too cute for words! I am afraid we aren't going to even have one grilled meal this summer... First the bird nest and then the "no gas" thing... Our griller's heart isn't in it, I guess.... Hugs.