Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snowmen Museum is Setting Up

Hey Everyone, it's me Annie P. again. Happy Holidays. Mom is letting me take you a tour of our Snowman Museum. The only problem is that she isn't done getting ALL of her snowmen out. So I'm going to show you a few. Only a few, this time.
This is one of mom's favorites. She put him on the buffet this year. A first, he usually sits on the mantel.

I like this guy. He looks fun.

Look a snowbaby even!

Dad gave her the snowchef last year as a surprise. 'Cept he had to call her from the store cause he couldn't remember which one she liked. So it was kind of a surprise. She was happy!!

This is the middle of the mantle. Mom isn't quite happy with it yet. Reynaldo doesn't know what to think either.

Mom bought this one from the Rooster Queen on ebay. I think he looks like he drank too much eggnog.

A Target pre-Christmas special. He's packin' snowballs and a tree in his backpack.

The last two are oldies but goodies according to mom. She's got a lot to hang on the walls, but since the paint is still pretty new, she really doesn't want any nails in them. I told her she needed to get in gear. Nails or no nails, there's still a lot of snowmen in the attic. That's it for now. Happy Snowballs to ya!!


Becca Watson said...

I LOVE all your Snowmen!! i have a very small collection I started last year..

Mr.Wall said...

kim said...

I love snowmen!! yours are great:) can't wait to see some more. take care Kim

M Ayers said...

How cute! Annie P gave an exciting tour of the snowmen. Wonderful commentary - I especially liked the second snowman, I thought he looked happy - as though he shared some of the eggnog with skinny long snowman.

I think I paid too much attention to this post.

Have a good one,


tam said...

Hi Lisa! I think your snowman collection is sooo cute! I love snowman to-fun post!!!
Your blog looks great-love the holiday winter look! And no worries about the recipe I totally understand! :D I won't be making the fudge until week after next-I think? AARRGG! I have been sooo busy-but I will get everything done.
I hope you, oh and Anne P. are having a nice weekend!
~Tam P.S. My word verification is the word shaggi-how funny is that? :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a collection you have...each and everyone is so cute, I love the one with the baby:)

Annie P. is adorable too!

tidymom said...

AWESOME!! I just LOVE snowmen! and these are all wonderful!!

Thanks for the tips on the Twilight books - I can't wait to go out and read them! I think I liked the movie so much because I hadn't read the book(s)- but now I'm hooked!! Feels weird to be 43 and infatuated with a 17yo character though! LOL
kind of the same way I felt at the Jonas Bros concert this summer! LOL


Farmchick said...

Wonderful snowmen....I love them!!! Stop over and visit...I haven't seen you around for awhile!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love all of your snowmen! I have a few myself but nothing like yours. Thanx for sharing.

justabeachkat said...

Well, Annie P...aren't you a sweetie pie to give us a tour. So many cute snowmen! Loved them all, but especially the one with the baby.

Merry Christmas

Becky K. said...

Thanks for the tour...Annie P.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Very cute! I love snowmen too, and haven't put mine out yet. I think I will wiat until after Christmas and ust change it all then.
Have a great week!

Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

That's just a few?! Holy smokes!! LOL They are all so cute :)

I loved the last post with the live people windows. I wonder how long they have to sit in there...

Have fun decorating :)

Terry said...

For this crazy for snowman person, I love this post. I see quite a few that I love.
Thanks for the tour Annie P.