Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Toy(s)

The hubby tried to get up early on Friday. He really, REALLY wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get a GPS thingy for his truck. He got up at 8:30, mulled around trying to figure out if he should go or not. I told him he'd better or else he'd wonder if they still had them. In my mind I was thinking, "shouldn't we go somewhere in order to use that thing?" Off he went and quickly returned. He returned empty handed. Our conversation went like this:
Me: did you get one?

Hubby: No
Me: Why?

Hub: They were already out. I knew they would be.
Me: Are you sure they were out? Did you ask?

Hub: (I think he was searching for an answer.)
Me: Did you ask? Sometimes they move things around on Black Friday.
Hub: yeah (he quietly answers and I'm still unsure of his response, because a lot of times he appears mute)
Hub: (loud enough for me to hear) I wonder if they still have them in Moberly?
Me: We are headed there in a few anyway, lets just go and find out.
Hub: I'm sure they are out too. I'm going to Westlakes to get a card table.
Upon returning with a card table and after checking the computer we decided to try the Wal-mart in Moberly before heading to my mom-in-law's home. I see him walking around aimlessly.
Hub: They don't have them.
Me: Did you ask?
Hub: Yeah.
I could see he was heart sick. He's been wanting one for a very long time. Even though he goes no where to get lost, he is the KING of gadgets. That is until they bore him. Then they go to the "I'm bored box" in the spare bedroom. We make one more stop before heading to his mom's house for the day. I kind of forgot about the GPS until yesterday. Sunday of all days at Wal-Mart. I needed some furniture polish and he wandered around aimlessly. I heard him quietly yelling (you'd have to know him to understand, he's almost mute remember) "Lisa....Lisa...come here!" I knew this wasn't good. "Look!" He pointed to a stack of GPS's he'd claimed they did not have. They still had the Black Friday price too. I just had to go there...
Me: I thought you said they didn't have any.
Hub: (He's mute again.)
Me: Didn't you tell me you asked them if they had any left?
Hub: (He's still mute again.)
Me: (Did I ever tell you I'm an only child and I HATE to be ignored?) Shouldn't we be going somewhere to get lost in order to get one?
Hub: I think I'm going to get one.
He grabbed one up and continued wandering aimlessly in our little Wal-Mart. Then I heard, "Lisa...Lisa". I think this is the reason why only children like to go shopping by themselves in Wal-Mart. "Look". It was the camera I was interested in on Black Friday, but forgot about it. It also still had the Black Friday price. Since the Reynaldo incident with my camera and since a twerp on ebay sold me a not so great one, I relented and snatched it up. We had decided not to buy each other anything for Christmas. So really, we each bought our own gifts yesterday. We both got our toys out today and played with them. He used his while taking me to return movies. Fortunately we already knew the way there, but we f ound out his new gadget is accurate. He was happy. I've taken a few pictures with mine to check the zoom and overall goodness of the camera. So far I'm pleased.

I still have to learn how to utilize the flash and zoom. The last pic of the birdhouse turned out great. I used some of the zoom as I was standing on the front porch taking a pic of a tree in the backyard. It turned out well I think.

I'm continuing to SLOWLY get the Christmas decorations out and up. I've never been this slow. I hope it's not age. I just can't seem to quit taking a break...


Susie Q said...

Gorgeous pictures Lisa! I am green with envy over the new camera...I mean new toy!
I bet your husband is excited about the GPS. They are fun to use. I don't have one but my son has one in his cell phone. We used it while in MN this Summer. named the *voice* Fiona. : )

I myself am married to a man who is often *mute* and I am a talker. Dan is more like his dad so when Grace became quite the talker, well, I was thrilled!


M Ayers said...

Too funny! Hubby has been wanting a GPS for over a year and I said the same thing you did...when do we go anywhere that we would get lost??

I was thinking of getting one for him...he is also a gadget man.

Glad you got the camera!


Terri and Bob said...

You two are hilarious!

We love our GPS... we even use it in JC when places move (like Bob's hair salon) and we can't find it...

Love the camera... what kind is it?

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Hey Lisa, congrats on the new camera! We'll be expecting lots more pics now! LOL

justabeachkat said...

Men are strange creatures, right?!
Funny post!


Becky K. said...

That was fun! Great pictures and great storytelling. I think Gayla would be very proud of you...wasn't she your teacher once upon a time?

Becky K.

Kindra said...

Hi Lisa! What a fun story to read! Glad you and your hubby got your Christmas shopping done early. LOL My hubby wants one of the GPS things too. I told him, we don't go anywhere to have the opportunity to get lost...he still wants one. :)

I've been catching up, reading your past posts. We were going to name both of our boys, if they turned out to be girls...Scout after To Kill A Mockingbird. :)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Lisa
I thought about you last week, when we were shopping at the outlets.

Our daughter's shopped Black Friday in Osage Beach. Terrie told me there were a few of something they were looking for, at Wal-mart, that were soon gone. She asked one of the employees if there were more. She replied no...then in a little while they rolled out a pallet stacked with them.

I didn't shop, but I did have the girls pick up a mouse for my laptop, at Staples. Great deal! We also bought a fireplace screen for the lake, at Lowes, at Black Friday price.

We hardly ever exchange gifts, because we get so much through the year. If we see something we like at Christmas time, we buy it and call it our Christmas present, but that doesn't happen much.

The girls said it was a pleasant experience shopping in the Ozarks, on Black Friday. Busy, but polite folks...lovely.
Have a great week!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Lisa~ I haven't even started... not one candy cane.
Maybe tomorrow!
You need to join our Photo Hunt with your new camera!