Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weird Book TAG

I've been tagged by Carol at Charli and Me to list seven weird book facts about myself. This is the rule:

Share seven random or weird Book facts about yourself.Then tag seven other people.Notify the seven others that they have been tagged.

1. I have to say the weirdest thing this summer as far as books go anyway, has to be the Twilight series. Never in my whole life would I have ever picked up that book if my friend Toni hadn't made it sound so wonderful. And it was. However the third book made me want to strangle Bella. I was sick of her whiney, I can do anything, pitiful self. The fourth book made up for all that though. Vampires, who would've ever thought????

2. When I was in the first grade my teacher, Ms. Newlin, must have thought I was dumb. She always kept me in the lowest reading group. One day she decided to pay attention to me. I didn't like her, she was mean. But I guess it paid off. The day she decided to pay attention to me, she held me through all of the reading groups that day and acted COMPLETELY SHOCKED that I could read so well. I was too painfully shy back then. I knew I wasn't dumb, but that's how she treated me. I still feel ill thinking about her, God rest her soul. (For another interesting 1st grade teacher story continue reading or skip to the bottom.)

3. I loved almost all books when I first learned to read. But let me tell you something. The year I got the Little House on the Prairie books from Santa or my parents (I really don't remember) I was in book heaven. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when the series ended. I wanted more and more of those books. Little House will always have a special place in my heart. I found that series not too long ago. They looked like they had gotten drenched and covered in yucky stuff. I had to pitch the books and the little decorative box. I was saddened, like letting go of a part of me from long ago.

4. When I was in the third grade I wrote a book myself and even drew the characters. I still have it. It's 80 pages long. It's about ghosts, friendly ghosts I characterized after my school friends.

5. My mom bought me my first biographical type book. It was about Liz Taylor, I loved it. However, Gracie a Love Story, by George Burns was the best. These two kicked off my love to read about people. Even Lee Iococa. I must have been in the 8th grade when I read that one. Kinda weird huh?

6. My best friend Erica loved to read even more than me. She read anything and everything she could get her hands on. So for her birthday one year, I think it was our 8th grade year, I gave her a Judy Blume book titled Forever. (We loved all of the Judy Blume books up until then.) Oh my! If I had known. Because there were several "sexual issues" in this book, her mom hit the roof and grounded her for over a week. She demanded Erica tell her where she got that terrible book. Supposedly Erica didn't snitch, couldn't have blamed her if she had. I felt terrible. I did not intend for that to happen and Erica didn't have the heart to tell me until I invited her for a sleepover. Then she felt she had to come clean. But, she did let me know whe LOVED that book. For my 18th birthday, Erica saved her money and bought me The Clan of the Cave Bear Series. I was so touched that she did that I know they were expensive and she was so proud. I loved those books too.

7.I hated, HATED the book To Kill a Mockingbird. I know it's a classic, I didn't like it, won't like it, NEVER will like it. My friend Gayla, who was my English teacher in high school MADE me read that book (with the rest of the class of course). I believe it was our sophomore year. That's okay Gayla, I lived through it, just don't want to again!! :)

I'm adding one more. I never, NEVER, EVER read the ending first. I can't. It's like knowing what you are getting for Christmas even before you open the gift. I have a friend who always reads the last page or two. I don't get it.

Now I have to pick 7 people to pass this on to so here it goes.
1. Gayla, Oatmeal and Whimsy, only cause you made me read the book I hated. Oh, and also only because you read possibly more than anyone I know. I very interested to see your list.
2. Kat, JustaBeachKat, I know she's mentioned some of the books she's reading in some of her posts.
3. Monique, Eye Candy, she's a new dear friend and I'm nosey to see what she reads or considers weird.
4.Becky, Hospitality Lane, this busy mom finds time to read, I don't know how, but she does.
5. Terri at Lakewood Manor, another busy lady who has a lot of books on her book shelfari I'd like to take the time to read myself.
6. Nanci, Quilting at the Cottage, makes wonderful, beautiful quilts. Lets see if she has any "weird" book stories.
7. Anyone else who would like to play. Leave me a comment so I can visit you and see what your list is like.

Okay, for a little sidebar story that really has nothing to do with anything. However it does have to do with reading somewhat. Since "that" teacher didn't think I was a good enough reader. It's about her. She was mean. I'll never forget her. As she got older I would imagine that she never really thought of herself as being mean. I did. Most of my first grad classmates would agree I'm sure. I remember putting my lunch box away on a bottome shelf by the door. The shelf was recessed into the wall and I grabbed the door frame to balance myself when I put my lunch box away. She shut the door. I howled. Literally. Then I had to listen to how irresponsible I was for hanging onto the door frame. She sent me to my seat in terror. I thought I had done something wrong by what I did. Remember I was too painfully shy to tell anyone and didn't tell my parents for a long time. I remember how bad my fingers hurt that day. Okay, here's the story I want to share. It was snowing crazy one afternoon and we got out early. My dad picked me up in his brown truck. It was parked at the corner. He helped me into the truck and went around to get in himself. Ms. Mean Teacher was preparing to walk across the street. Her feet had other ideas. All of a sudden I saw her feet fly up in the air. She slid on her back almost under dad's truck. I didn't howl this time. I flat out laughed harder and louder than I had ever laughed in my first grade life. Dad jumped out of the truck to help her up. As soon as he got back in he yelled at me to stop laughing and tried to explain why I should. Too late. The more he explained the harder I laughed. To this day if I fall down or witness anyone falling down I laugh. I stifle. I leave the room. Ms. Mean Teacher and my dad are the reason for my rudeness. But at least I laugh at myself too when I fall. Just ask the hubby, he doesn't think it THAT funny.


Farmchick said...

I too loved Little House books--still some of my favs to this day!! I liked Judy Blume too...are you there's me Margaret?? ha Have a great Thanksgiving!

justabeachkat said...

What a fun to read post! And I don't blame you one little bit for laughing out loud when your mean old teacher slipped.

My life is crazy right now with trying to decorate, bake, pack, etc. for the Holidays, but I'l try to play along soon.


tam said...

Congrats on your award-and what a fun one too! I really enjoyed reading this post and it helped me get to know you even better. I too was painfully shy until the third grade. If a teacher would call on me in class I could feel myself getting all flush and hot my mouth would hardly work and my throat would instanly dry up! I have no idea why I was so shy, but during third grade something happened and I came out of my shell. I am now not a shy girl at all-lol! I can talk to most anyone anywhere about anything. But I will never forget how hard it was when I was a shy little girl. So I could totally relate to your story! The mean teacher well I think she experienced karma huh? LOL! What a great story-glad you shared it!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
~Tam :D

Terri and Bob said...

I am going to do this~ it will be my post on Wednesday. Your stories are hilarious, even Ms. Mean Teacher. Didn't we all have someone that made us hate school at one time or the other?

M Ayers said...

Thanks for the tag -

I don't remember ever reading To Kill A Mockingbird! Sorry you hated it, there is nothing worse than a bad book that you have to read.

I'm doing fine, I wish there was a way I could sit and chat with you at my kitchen table..

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!