Thursday, May 10, 2012


It's been a long while since I've visited my own blog.  I'm just not into it lately.  However, this week I've considered doing something different.  Something more like an online diary.  A place I can vent, chat and toot my own horn if I want to. It's been a week of Mondays and I just want to talk to someone to vent.  I have no one.  Maybe I should say, I have no one I can really trust.  By trust I mean to keep quiet, to keep it between us, not to walk out of the room while I am talking, and I could probably go on.  Sorry for this post. Well kinda.  I just need to vent.  So I will start with some trivial things.
When people, LOL do you honestly believe they are laughing out loud?  I don't. Sometimes a smile is worth as much as a laugh.
When women hear themselves being described as big, we do not think in terms of tall.  Big to us = fat.  Nor do we like being called thick.  That does not make things better.  We know what we look like, so just leave it at that.
Is it really so hard to pick up a towel that has fallen on the floor.  And has remained there for 5 days?
Why do people feel compelled to drive in the fast lane? 
Our local Westlakes Hardware Store has one of the top two worst parking lots in our town.  Every freakin old person, and every jacked up 4 wheel drive decided to be there at the same time on Saturday afternoon.  I just stayed in my car, gripping my steering wheel in hopes of not getting hit.
My best friend described how "literal" her son is...I've never thought about that before. It sums up so many people.  It makes so much sense.
Recently, I have met the most egotistical person I have ever met in my life.  Every time I talk to him, I often wonder why I am so insecure.  I think I'd rather be insecure...
I would love to take a nice vacation with my husband.  he sees no reason to due anything but play golf.  My ego loves this.  I wonder why I'm insecure...
A dear friend of mine started a blog for one of her autistic students.  It is one of the most captivating things I have ever read in my life.  He's awesome!!  He may even be the reason why I had a new desire to write again.

Facebook is a terrible place to socialize. Thoughts cannot be shared without someone unfriending another for having a different opinion.  Also, chat should be just that.  If you want to proposition someone, go to one of those special rooms.  Asking me if I want to have bone jarring sex with you is NOT appropriate.  And truthfully, there is a reason why you are single.
I want to go back to being 30 again.  I promise I will make it great this time.
About a month ago I had a biopsy done on the nail matrix of my index finger on my right hand.  I dread having an ugly fingernail.  I dread maybe not having a fingernail on one side. This is Karma for hating my mother's big toenail my whole life.  I have it coming...
My friend Heather and I had a discussion about baby strollers the other night.  She described how she used to detest anyone with a baby stroller out and about.  I told her I shared the same opinion.  Nothing like going somewhere with tons of people and industrial size strollers are the obstacle course of the day.  Then she said all that changed when she had her first baby.  I laughed.  Because if I had a baby, I know I'd be the same way.  Even tonight when I went for my walk, I saw a woman loading her stroller.  My exact thought was, "how much freakin crap do you need to take a walk?"  Then I thought of Heather.
I've seen so many teenagers driving nicer cars than me.  Really? Really.
I think I'd better stop here. I might be up all night. 
I hope to be back soon.  If I am, I may even change the name of my blog.  Maybe to protect the innocent...


Pam at Antique or Not said...

Kudos to you, Lisa. I get tired of my blog, too. It just seems like so much 'work'. Writing in a stream of consciousness sort of way is a lot easier, and probably more therapeutic, too.

I hope it helps to be able to vent here. If you decide to make your blog private, I hope you'll send me an invite.


Helen said...

Hi there!

I also become weary of keeping up with Living Boldly ... which might explain why I keep writing poetry (nothing spectacular) for Poetry Matters. I thought about winding down Living Boldly, then decided to keep it, post when I have something to say (that I hope folks might enjoy.)

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