Monday, February 13, 2012


I've never been a huge goal setter.  Maybe that is a problem.  Maybe it's not. I have no concept of time and maybe that's the real problem.  However, approximately one year ago I set a simple goal.  So far it has worked.  And, not always intentionally.  Everyday I strive to learn something new. It may not be mind blowing or life changing, but it keeps things interesting for me.  What I have found is this,  my mind is open for differences, my opinions are not quite as judgemental and I kinda think I'm happier.  Not sure if this makes sense.  But it's interesting.   I deplore boredom.  Give me something to think about and even act upon.  It keeps me going.

So, what have you learned today?


Gayla said...

This little tidbit has made my radar... I think it's something interesting and a bit horrible. .... Hugs, Gayla

Check out these two links.

SnowWright said...

Today I learned about the function of the null hypothesis in research studies. I also learned about a newly mutated human adenovirus that has been discovered in Bangladesh. Kinda freaky, but fascinating nonetheless. Can you tell I just got done doing homework?

Lisa @ akawest said...

Today I learned that toads can survive for days, inside the house, under a saucer, although they appear lethargic, and have to be eased back into the grass.

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