Friday, May 11, 2012

Am I Wrong?

So I'm back to writing this diary thing.  Interestingly enough, I have 3 full paragraphs written about some observations today when all of a sudden, 2 of the paragraphs turn blue and delete themselves.  Who does that happen???  I took that as a sign and deleted everything.  It must be a way for the big guy upstairs to tell me, "don't go there."  So I'll start something different.  Since about 3:30pm today, I've been thinking about this baby shower we had at work for 2 young ladies expecting just weeks apart in June.  The gifts were beautifully wrapped, the cake looked awesome (with two pairs of pink shoes on top), and several people came.  Including some male staff, which pleasantly surprised me.  A couple of different ladies took time to put this event together. 

The girls were given their gifts by another co-worker who would hand each girl a gift to open and then wait until they were opened to hand them another one.  Now it's been a while since I've gone to a baby shower.  However, from what I remember, the recipient of the gifts would open the gift, ooo and ahhh a few times, tell everyone who gave them the nice gift and thank them.  Then everyone else would ooo and ahhh too.  This would be repeated throughout the shower.  Not today...

Today the recipients opened their gifts, put them back in the sacks, open another gift, put it back in the sack, open another gift put it back in the sack, and open another gift and put it back in the sack.  Get the picture?  Some of us couldn't even see what they got because they speedy opening and closing of the gifts was so fast there was no time to sneak even a peak.  I only heard one thank you.  All I could think of was, "I wonder what grandma would think of this." 

After the first two gifts were opened someone had the idea to get pen and paper so someone else could keep track of the gifts and who they were from.  I felt bad for my friend sitting beside me.  She was trying to keep tally.  They opened so fast, I think she may have missed a few.   I had a thought.  These girls probably won't pen thank you notes anyway so why keep tabs. 

I truly hate the way I felt coming out of that shower.  Obviously people took time to create such a nice party for them.  I'm not real sure it was appreciated.  I hope so. Maybe I perceived all of this in the wrong way.  It makes me wonder what kind of personalities these babies will have 15 years from now.  Will they be taught to be nice?  Will they be taught the effective way of pretending to be enthusiastic when someone does something wonderful for them even though they don't really feel that way? 

It's official.  I am getting old.  I feel the pangs of wanting to say rude but truthful things like only the old people can do.  Truthfully...I'm looking forward to it.  So in the next few years when something like this takes place, I'm gonna walk out of the room and say, "whew so happy I didn't waste any more money on these people." 


Helen said...

I can't recall the last time I attended a baby shower .. but can promise you if this had happened to me I would have had the same reaction you did! What's up with youngsters today?

Gayla said...

I am sad about the absence of pure gratitude right
Now. It seems the citizens of this century are full of entitlement. "oh, you did this for me? And well you should.". I hope I am wrong.

Alice said...

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