Thursday, March 4, 2010


Another friend of mind has decided to start blogging. He caught me by surprise when he had some questions. I've gotten to know him quite well in the past two years and I am tickled pink about the whole ordeal!! Tim is a one of a kind, gentleman, teddy bear and every great adjective I could ever write...that's Tim. Or as we like to call him in facebookland, Timitot. Today he shared with me his love of writing. So, of course, I fell for Timitot all over again!! After this month I won't get to see Timitot so much. I'll miss his stories, his enlightenment's and just being his bossy boss. When he shared with me about his new found hobby of blogging, I was overjoyed. Now I can "follow" him around without being bossy and even leave a note or two for him. How cool is that. When you have a minute check out Tim's blog, Timbuck2 (link found on my sidebar, just click Timbuck2) , and give him a huge welcome to blogland!!

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Lisa @ akawest said...

I tried to go to his blog, and it redirected me...very freaky. I have no idea what happened. I shall try again tomorrow.