Saturday, March 6, 2010


Lisa notified me that she was redirected when she tried to click on timbuck2. I have tried several times and I have also, apparently there are some difficulties I will notify Tim about. I'll let you know once he gets this straightened out.


timitot2 said...

Hell Lisa..and anyone who has attempted to visit my site. I don't know what issue anyone is experiencing when the come to my site, or if they are even able to get there. I am experiencing a problem myself when I go to view my blog. The progress bar at the bottom right will continue and then it will take me to usually a blank page, or sometimes to a site I've never heard of. This all started when I attempted to post a temperature widget onto my site. I don't know how to correct the problem. I can however, right click when my blog appears and click on "stop". This stops the progress bar until I leave the site and attempt to come back to my blog. Then I have to do the procedure all over again. This sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions?

Helen said...

Hi Lisa ... just wanted to wish you a happy Sunday and a great week!