Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mama Coop's Blog

Recently I've reconnected, via Facebook, with my very first college roommate Becky. We had a lot of similarities, both being only children, February babies, and a love of reading. She more than me, as she is an English teacher. Trust me, once we reconnected and shared our stories of having blogs, I told her NOT to pay any attention to my bad grammar, punctuation and the occasional misspelled word. She agreed. Therefore, I love Becky.

Due to technical difficulties, I am unable to copy her blog so you can just click on it and go directly to her site. I was able to post it on my Berry Favorites sidebar so you need to take a look and click on MAMA COOP'S Blog. If you love to read, you will most definitely find her take on books interesting. Plus she may be telling you about a book that just may tickle your fancy!! If you check her out, please tell her I sent you!


Mrs. Becky Cooper said...

Thanks Lisa!!! You are sooooo sweet!

Lisa said...

I know:)