Monday, September 15, 2008

Peep at This

Have you seen these? The calorie conscience will probably never look. However, those who are should "peep" at these. Peeps are the thing these days. A year or two ago, I found sugar-free peeps. Who woulda thought? I must say, I was NEVER a fan of any kind of Peep. But when I saw the sugar-free Peeps I had to bite. Literally. Not bad either. The hubby and I found pumpkin peeps tonight at Walgreens. I bought 2 because they'll be gone in no time. Seems like every holiday/season, there's Peeps for a reason. So, for you sugar inhibited souls, live on the edge and give 'em a try. They really are better than sugar filled Peeps.
Along the same line, I was listening to Paul Harvey last week on the way to work (something I hate is to listen to people "talk" on the radio, but the hubby likes it & he drives so he chooses what we listen to, that's the rule, the driver picks the station). Sometimes I just tolerate the ordinary, routine droan of his broadcast and sometimes I learn from it. Last week I hope I learned from it.
Being a diabetic, a particular broadcast reeled me in from my daydream on the way to work. Whoever was filling in for him was talking about mice being treated and possibly being on the rebound from diabetes and it's ill affects. Two particular drugs are used for experimentation. I attempted to look up this info on PH's website and then decided to email the University of Texas Southwestern. Really, I didn't expect a response. Just emailing in the wind so to speak. I'm a firm believer the government is making entirely too much money off of people like me who HAVE to have medicines to survive. The hubby disagrees, but it's still my opinion and I think I'm right. Anyway, the UTS answered my email. The nice lady even sent me a link so I could get a better understanding of PH's broadcast. The drug is called Leptin and appears to be reversing diabetes in mice. More research must be completed. Hey, that's more than I've heard about type I diabetes in all my years of being diabetic. (Everything now a day appears to be geared toward type II.) I probably won't live to see a cure, but at least I know some 84 year old dedicated doctor and his staff in Texas are working on a cure. AND may be getting closer.
For now at least there is Splenda, a very versatile sweetener that does not cause "anal leakage". Ha Ha. I had to throw that in. Remember when the fat free ingredient "Olean" was added to make potato chips semi-healthy? The quote was actually printed on the back of the package. Men everywhere began squeezing their butt cheeks together as soon as someone read that quote from the label. Really they did. I remember the sergeant in the housing unit where I was working had this look of panic on his face after he ate a handful while reading the bag. It still makes me laugh. As I was saying...
...for now at least there is Splenda and Sugar-Free Peeps.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you are funny. I love those pumpkin peeps. I didn't know they had made anything like that. I will go to Wallgreens and get some just because they are so festive.

April said...

I LOVE peeps!! I am making a pit stop today at the Walgreens!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Pumpkin Peeps! Little Miss G is coming for another visit. Perhaps I'll stop at Walgreens and pick up a package of Pumpkin Peeps. She'll love em and will never know they are not filled to the brim with sugar!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Pumpkin peeps? Never saw them around here before! Loved tham as a kid, but not so much now. TOO weet! I might ahve to try these, though!
Funny, my grandaughter has a collection of the stuffed peeps, bunnies, and chicks. They are fun to put out for Easter. The grandaughter really enjoys them. They are not prim at all, but sure are cute in her girly room. LOL!

Becky K. said...

I love that if you love Peeps you can get them sugar-free! How cool...not being a peeps lover myself, I had no clue!

My Dad was diabetic and I pray for the research to bring excellent results. My children are the most likely to become diabetic. So far I have been fine.

Don't you just "love" the disclaimers and warnings that have to be given hopes of not being sued...but you made it funny!

Becky K.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen those,but I will be looking. I have many clients that could use those.
OH my i thought I was the only one who HAD to listen to Paul when we ride.Hubby always says im driving and this helps me stay awake.Ugg I just read and go with it.

Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

Sugar free peeps?? Who woulda thought? LOL

I remember those chips. I was scared to death of them! :)


Susie Q said...

You are a hoot...and oh wow! Pumpkin Peeps!! I had not seen these! Now I will hafta start lookin'!!