Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Cranberry Flats?

I tend to do everything backwards. The older I get, the worse this problem hangs around. I should have started this project with a little explanation of "Why Cranberry Flats"? Well, here it goes. Several years ago I tried my hand at primitive craft making. I was really into it for awhile and made some really cute things. Of course I learned the hard way and listened to some questionable advice. However, I loved it. While I would be sawing, sanding, painting, repainting I would daydream that it would be wonderful to have a little shop where I could do this kind of thing all day everyday if I wanted. So what would I call this shop, well of course "Cranberry Flats". Dunno why, just thought it was catchy and primitive. The funny thing is I don't even really like cranberries unless they are in orange scones or muffins. But just look at this plant. Vibrant rich burgundy colored berries and tiny leaves. The blossoms are beautiful too. What can I say, I can picture acres and acres of flat land and cranberry clumps. Or I can picture flats full of cranberries ready for a holiday season. There is something about red berries I love, not to eat, but to see. It makes me happy. After visiting quaint primitive shops, I just want to get armfuls of berries to put around my house. Around my candles, around my mirrors, around my lamps, well I think you get the picture. They are primitive. I'm not sure when my love of primitives came into play. I just know when I go through a specific store in Old St. Charles, I feel like I'm home. I can't explain it, I know the feeling as soon as I hit the door. It's almost magical. I just want to take my suitcase and settle inside. I love the old wood, the simple lines, the candles and the mysteriousness of it all. I always wonder what stories this house could tell. I bet it would tell me, "every room had cranberries".


Gayla said...

What a wonderful post. It was simply perfect. I can see you in a wonderful shop with your beautiful woodworking... and flats of berries... Good Easter to ya! Hugs.

PAT said...

I have an idea I might know which store you're talking about if it's on a corner. That one is one we like to just go in and figure out what was going on there, 200 years ago!!

I know you are enjoying St Charles today. The weather is perfect for a walk on Main Street! Wish I was there!