Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Casablanca Lily

This is a Casablanca Lily. Isn't she amazing? I saw my first Casablanca in Texas in 1995 and have been in love ever since. When I first moved into the house I live in now, my grandmother gave me a bag full of Asiatic Lilies. They are typical yellow, orange, and red lilies that are commonly seen in the summer. Fortunately for me, a Casablanca had snuck inside. She was the beauty of the show when they all bloomed that summer. I knew the Man Upstairs was telling me something. I cleared out all of the other lilies and let this bulb bloom. In the next 2 years I had a stalk with 6-8 amazing blooms. The birds and weather took their toll. I purchased 6 new bulbs last spring. I had one single bloom on each stalk. I was thrilled. Somewhere on the internet I read not to pick the blooms during the first year. This is suppose to help them grow bigger and more beautiful every year. Believe me, this was a true test of self discipline for me. This year I am expecting a bit more from them, I hope I'm not disappointed. I have also read that one of the meanings of Casablanca Lily is "a gift from Heaven". It has to be. The color is mesmerizing and oh so pure. I can't even begin to describe this flower. She is truly an amazing gift!!


Gayla said...

Gorgeous! You know how to pick 'em.

PAT said...

What a gorgeous lily!

I enjoyed seeing your "mutts". They are so cute and I loved the stories!

I need to get to St Charles. I love that bunny and I love your favorite shop. Always have to visit it when we are on Main Street!