Friday, March 28, 2008

It's in the Stars...

Here are just a few of my stars. My hubby and I changed the decor in our livingroom last spring. It used to be dark blue and off white with a mild gray carpet. Now we have "maple sugar" walls with 3 of them sharing an almost off white color on the top half. I was away at a conference for 3 days when the painter painted this room. I was disappointed in the top of the 3 walls. I would have immediately changed the color to a little darker had I known. It looks too much like my old walls. Oh well another day. This room changed my whole aura. The walls used to be covered in everything crafty. Now I have less "stuff" but more stars. I love my stars. I painted this once blue shelf a dark chocolate brown and added some pretties. I try my best to find stars all shapes and sizes. So far so good, but the search continues. Anytime I travel anywhere I'm looking for these babies. The one below was found in Moberly, a town 25 miles away. I picked her up and couldn't decide where her permanent place would be. By accident I

found it. The phone rang, I sat her down on my mantle next to my granparent's antique mirror. I came back into the room and "PRESTO" she's where she's meant to be. Now I'm certainly convinced I need, no I have to go back to the same store to get another one. One on the opposite side of the mirror would be a match! Notice the little berries. I have a few other stars, one of which I found on sale in St. Louis a few months back. It's a huge white, wooden star set in a black box type frame. I love it when I find a bargain I can brag about. That doesn't happen to me too often.

I think this one is especially pretty and suits my colonial/primitive yearnings.

This special little angel was found in Hiawatha, Kansas ten years ago. My dad was working there, so of course my mom and I had to go check out the local shops. She looks like a Native American/Colonial type angel doesn't she? I love her. It makes me think of my dad. We visited him several times while he was working there. He made great friends in Hiawatha. Everyone deserves great friends. This special little angel is mine because I think of my dear ole dad, he was a great friend and a brilliant star...


Maryjane said...

Hello Lisa! Thanks for visiting my blog! Wonderful to meet you! You are more than welcome to add me to your favorites! I love the monkey bread you made! Looks Yummy and clever! Hope to see you again soon! Hugs, Maryjane

Susie Q said...

I love all the stars and that wonderful angel too. Your home must be so warm and pretty. I have a few stars and my sis in law has many, some I have given her as gifts.

Oh, your flowers are gorgeous!!!