Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Very Special Easter Bunny

When I was home from college for Easter many, many years ago...there came a knock on our door very early Easter morning. Mom came into my room and said there was someone at the door for me. I knew, but I didn't know. I knew Aunt Sadie had to be up to something because her son-in-law, my cousin Pete, was in town. Sure enough, it wasn't Pete. It was the Easter Bunny. There was no missing his big ole head and fuzzy white ears with huge eyes looking right at me through the door as I approached. He waved. Never thinking that bunnies really don't speak, he continued to wave until I opened the door. He handed me a bottle of bright pink nail polish and blew me a kiss. Around the corner he disappeared. Around that same corner were those sparkling blue eyes of Aunt Sadie dancing and laughing watching the expression on my face. Come on. How many 21 year olds actually get a real live visit from the Easter Bunny? I remember that day like it was yesterday.

However, for that Sweet ole Easter Bunny, the day continued. He made a trip south of Bevier to visit some very special little ones. His chauffeur, better known as cousin Jackie, parked the car at the end of the drive way for an easy getaway.

Easter Bunny knocked on the door and gave Tristan and Calvin some Easter goodies. Like me, he waved goodbye to them and skipped on down the drive way to his chauffeur driven car. The best part of this whole story is, Tristan and Calvin watched the Easter Bunny from the front window of their home. It had been a nasty rainy weekend. So to watch the Bunny in action was a dream come true. They kept their eyes on him.

They kept their eyes on him as he opened the car door, trying to slide as gracefully into the car as he could with his big ole head and ears. Tristan and Calvin's eyes were shining in complete amazement. Who knew? Who knew the Easter Bunny had a Chauffeur driven car? We never thought about that. We just knew he appeared at night while we were sleeping. Kinda like Santa. Only now, Tristan and Calvin actually knew he was driven around in his own private automobile by a beautiful blonde lady.

They kept their eyes on him as Jackie, the beautiful chauffeur put the car in drive.

And went no where.

Her wheels were spinning.

The Easter Bunny's chauffeur driven car was stuck in the mud. Tristan and Calvin continued to watch in amazement. Who would have ever thought. What would happen next.

The Easter Bunny got out of the car driven by that beautiful blonde. His big floppy ears hanging from his wobbly big head. His huge bunny paws and huge, I mean HUGE bunny feet walked slowly to the back of the car. The Bunny was hoping the children did not have to watch. But they did.

Tristan and Calvin watched with HUGE eyes as the Easter Bunny pushed his chauffeur driven car out of the mud. The beautiful chauffeur smiled lovingly. After a few pushes, the Bunny carefully, gracefully with his mud barren huge feet, hopped back into the car.

Tristan and Calvin watched as he drove out of sight...

Cousin Pete 2011

This is the Easter Bunny today. Some 20 years later. I miss him. He must've gotten a new outfit that is travel friendly. May the people of Schaumburg love you as much as the folks in Bevier. I love you Easter Bunny, BAWK BAWK!!


Gayla said...

What a wonderful, wonderful story!!! I loved every word of it... Hugs for Easter!

Connie Dale said...

Lisa....I loved reading your story. You have a real talent for writing....can't wait to read more!!!