Friday, December 17, 2010


These are my office neighbors. My hubby in the background and Roger in front. Since 2 weeks ago today, our workplace hasn't felt the same. Roger has been diagnosed with cancer. He went for a test 2 weeks ago and found he had colon cancer. The following Monday they removed what was left of his colon and found it had spread to his liver. Doctors have given Roger til possibly Christmas or the end of the month. Maybe even more. Thankfully Roger has a strong Catholic faith and made the decision to return home to his family and celebrate life with them. (he has 3 little boys under the age of 11)

Yesterday we had a bake sale on his behalf. It was amazing how much food was brought in and how much was purchased. My co-workers should be commended for coming together like they did. We had the biggest bake sale we've ever had. I brought home the money and counted and recounted and took it to the bank today to have it officially counted and to get larger bills. We raised $2300!! I was so excited. The bank teller asked the reason of the bake sale. She was excited too. All I can say is thank you to my work family for pulling together for such a great reason. Roger.

Another co-worker, Dennis, and I took Roger his money and cards today. Offenders from Roger's wing in the housing unit even wrote messages on a card for him. I gave him a card with a package of chocolate kisses. The funny thing was, he knew immediately that I had done that. We saved the big card for last. He didn't count his money, but the look on his face was fantastic. He stated he had no idea that many people cared about him. Dennis and I quickly told stories of every one's reaction to Roger's health news and how much we miss him. Roger appeared surprised. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Roger's family counted the money for him tonight. I hope they use it for something fun and memorable. I hope they have a great Christmas next week. Roger's birthday is tomorrow. He will be 43. May he have 43 Christmas' and special time with Mikey, Danny and Timmy.

The best news of this whole journey with Roger is his outlook. He explains it as a "win-win situation". If he dies he goes home to be with Jesus. If he stays, he goes home to be with his family. What more can one ask for?

We love and we miss you Roger!!


Susie Q said...

God Bless him...prayers for him, his family and all of you who are his caring friends.

Gayla said...

Well, how wonderful of all of you.. and what an outlook. I am so sad for you all. Devastating news like that is such a fierce blow to the heart. I am sure your kindness will forever help his family see a glimmer of good in even this bad. Prayers and hugs!

Helen said...

Dear Lisa,
This is hard to read ... a young man, in the prime years of his life, my heart goes out to him and to his family.
Thank you for sharing this, we are reminded of how blessed we really are.