Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Trip to St. Louis and A Dress for a Ball

I had such a great time in St. Louis I did not want to come home. I cannot recall a time I've ever gotten teary when I hit city limits. Then again, there aren't many trips I've been on that I wanted to return home. Weird huh? Once I'm here I'm fine. And, I do love my own bed! But I like to be out and about. As you can tell from the picture of my knee, I fell down like a total rock star without my guitar. Splits and all, bouncing down an incline in the splits position making a noise kinda like, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooohhhh" the whole way. NOT the first time I've ever fallen, but the first time in a public parking lot. I'm a laugher when I fall. My husband says it's not funny (I've fallen twice on the very last step at his mother's house laughing my head off cause I was just sure I looked and felt ridiculous.). Luckily cousin Abby had her Nurse -friend Lauren with us so had I broken anything or split in two, she would have known what to do. Thankfully I didn't need her.

I love this picture of Nurse Lauren and Cousin Abby. They were fun and reminded me of how much I miss my silly friends!

The biggest event for me was a fashion show that was put on by Cousin Emily. She was asked to a Military Ball the day after Christmas. Emily must wear a dress..."a cocktail one"... as Julia Roberts stated in Pretty Woman. Uncle Dave and Cousin Joel were watching the Mizzou game and didn't really get the gist of the fashion show nor did they care. Uncle Dave left us, without inviting us, to see The Kinks movie. Yes, I kinda woulda liked to have seen that, but that's okay Uncle Dave. The fashion show was worth the stay!

Nurse Lauren is also the family stylist and hair doer. Every family should have a Lauren.

First was a prom dress dated 2009 I believe. A bit too weddingish. But beautiful just the same. The military man may soon want to run to Annapolis should he spot this one coming down the staircase.

This little black number had most of our votes. Very stylish, very elegant and very Audrey Hepburnish. Plus it looks perfect on 6'1" Emily. Would be perfect with a small peep toe heel. Even Bailey could tag along and match perfect!

Next was Aunt Debbie's prom dress circa 1975? Vintage is the rage they say. Or so they say.

Now if a cocktail one was not in order, I would definitely suggest this one. This number in black looked fabulous on Em. I believe Bailey thought so too since her tail is up in the air.

The green number. Yes I liked this one. Not for an important military ball, but I do like this one. What I liked was when Em picked up the glittery black overlay and you could see the true color of the green. It was nothing like it looks in the picture (or in person). It was a really weird green color.

I just wanted to get another picture of Nurse/Stylist Lauren doing her job. And then there is Aunt Debbie providing input.

Next came Aunt Paula's prom dress from 1977 or 78? Truth be know, I like this one.

OoLALA is all I have to say about this one. Very figure flattering, but possibly not cocktailish enough. Some heels, drop earrings and a sparkling bracelet is all this one needs.

OOOoooo La La!!! Please be prepared for the final dress. We all oooed and ahed over this blue number. It's the one we liked. Emily wasn't so sure. But it sure did look like her...

All she needs is a picnic basket and red sparkly shoes. Bailey was just in the other room.
I'm gonna go Emily's bond and agree that maybe she does need a new dress for this so called ball she is attending. Big sales are happening EVERYWHERE UNCLE DAVID!!! But in case this doesn't happen you can leave me a comment and tell me which dress you vote for Emily to wear to the Military Ball with her handsome date. Family members can leave me an anonymous comment in order to leave a comment, but please include your name if you do so. This way, Emily will know who you are.


Anonymous said...

I did indeed get a new dress! Sapphire blue...I will send you a pic!


Anonymous said...

Love the green one. LOVE the formal black one. Anxious to see the sapphire blue one. StLouisAunt

The Adams Family said...

I like the green dress, but probably not for a December cocktail affair. So, I vote for the black dress. beautiful!

Kat said...

Yikes, your poor knee! Glad you had a good time though.

Hope your Thanksgiving was good too.


Helen said...

You are a vision in white and in black! I love the design of the white gown and the way you look in the long black. You have totally amazing hair too!

Lisa, so sorry to see your knee. I fell during my October travels, twisted my left ankle and abrasions down the lower half of my right leg. Six weeks later and my injuries are still not completely better. I am off for an x-ray tomorrow.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I like the black one that goes around the neck. Simple and elegant. All it needs is tiny sparkly earrings and bracelet. She'll be the Belle of the Ball. xxoo

Sue said...

Hi Lisa...well that was fun...loved those awful gowns from the 70's...My prom gowns from the 60's were more stylish...I thought she looked great in that last silver number....that's if she decided not to wear that last one...Miss B will be wearing that along with the red shoes in her latest calendar...daughter is once again doing famous movie stills...
Oh, I loved the dog in the picture where the men were watching t.v. the dog really looked into it...

Gayla said...

I loved the black ones... all of them