Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh No!

This week has been quite the week. Not too bad until Thursday. Thursday was just one of those crazy kinda days. As soon as we get home, it continues. Nothing really pressing, just completely annoying. You know how things go, I'm sure you do. Hubby and I had to run an errand and I wanted to pick up a new litter box for Reynaldo. He seemed to be using what he had as a sandbox instead of something to doodoo in...enough said. It didn't work.

On Friday morning I notice ReyRey cannot pee. He could barely poop. My mind was reeling. We threw him in the basement until we got home from work, for fear he'd pee on anything and everything. On any whim before we left, he'd squat anywhere, my favorite white shirt, my nightgown, the rug, you name it, he attempted. Nothing happened. So after work on Friday we realized he didn't use his facility in the basement nor did he eat or drink. After callin his name too darned many times, I feared he was dead. After a 10 minute search we find him cradled in the middle of two golf bags. He wouldn't move. He did meow, that was it.

So on Saturday morning I take this darn cat to the vet. Only after mom told me I had to. Hubby and I discussed just throwing his tail outside. She guilted me into it in case he would die. Okay, that was enough, I took him. He had no blockage, but he had a little fever. Doc thought something was going on and told me he HAD to be peeing somewhere. Really? I replied Reynaldo would be moving outside if this was one of THOSE things. But since the Doc was concerned about Rey's concerted effort at trying to pee, he opted for a big shot of antibiotics. I also got to bring some home too. He has to take it every morning and every night. He was quite the trouper through the car ride, the shot and even the thermometer stuck up his tail end. But when the Doc put him on the scale to be weighed Reynaldo had HAD it. He hissed and spat unlike I have ever seen him. In fact I have never really seen him do that until then.

I took him home. The girls were eager to greet him. They had probably been wondering where on earth would crazy Rey go in the car. After giving him a big scoop of his favorite canned food, I went to the grocery store. I'm a what if person. I tend to playthe What If game in my mind. All the time. So prior to arriving to the vet, I asked myself What If? What if he says he needs treatment costing 100 big ones. What if he needs dialysis? What if I have to medicate a cat for kidney disease? So after taking him home I play it again. What if I had to put him down would I get another darned cat? No, maybe. Hubby wouldn't care. What if he's my last cat ever?

Once I get home I'm unloading the trunk when I hear a little meow. Oh No, I thought. Reynaldo escaped. I must've let the door open or something. No I didn't do that. Hmmm, I turn around and spy this little kitty peering at me through a redbud branch.

She's meowing every time I say something to her. After a little coaxing, she cautiously walks over to me. I had just bought Rey a small box of cat food. I go to my car and get a little handful. This little black eye beauty ate like there is no tomorrow. She's larger than a kitten, but smaller than a normal size cat. After I run in the house to get a bowl of Rey's food and a bowl of water I present it to her. She's grateful. She even lets me scratch her ears. She's a calico and very cautious but loves to be petted and loved. Hoping to convince my mom or a friend to take her, I meet and greet her all day. The dogs bark, whimper and howl from the window upstairs. Rey is clueless that his little peeless body could be replaced in an instant. Hubby thinks if she continues to hang around, maybe she'll kill all our moles. I'm hoping I can find a happy home for her. Savannah? Are you reading this? Don't you love her? Erica, didn't you just tell me you were considering a kitty for Isaac? Even though the pic looks a little evil, she's a sweetie. Normally I shoo stray cats away. For some reason, I'm thinking of letting her stay. That is if Aunt Karen isn't an option

Oh, in case you are wondering. ReyRey is peeing again.


Tins and Treasures said...

For a minute there I thought your stray was our Lucy...but after closer inspection, I could see that the markings are a little different. Very cute, tho'...
Take care ~Natalie

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Well, glad that Rey is able to "go" now. And that little calico is so cute! If you don't end up keeping her, I hope you find a good home for her. I wish it could be at my house, but hubby says no more pets. Once our dogs cross the bridge, that's it.
Have a good week!

Lisa said...

I need to get more sleep. I read peering as peeing. I thought you must really be a cat lover if you had a cat peeing on you. I am happy ReyRey is on the mend. The new kitty is pretty.

Domestic Designer said...

Glad all is well now! You are hooked...I believe Rey has found a home!:-)

Becky K. said...

Oh my word..was this allowed to be funny? You had my attention and many grins. So glad ReyRey is peeing! Bad things happen to those who can't.

I love that your soft heart just had to care about the sweet stray.

Taking animals to the vet ranks right up there with worst things to my book. Big bucks and usually dog puke in the car. Ick!

CatHerder said...

Cute new kitty, hope she finds a home soon. as far as Rey not being able to pee, in males that sign is far worse than in females....if you notice this you must get kitty to the vet asap...if it had been a real blockage you could have lost him. Sometimes its pain from struvite crystals, but a blockage must be seen and treated right away...good luck..he is a beautiful cat!!!