Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's On?

What is it about cable-tv? We pay out the whazoo for it and there's never anything on. I have a book to read and a house to clean, but I'm in the mood to watch TV. Nothing on. There is NEVER anything on it seems.

Take the Christmas Holidays for instance. What a better time to watch holiday- fun/sad/sentimental movies. Not on our cable. Not on the movie channels. Horror movies. I've never been so disgusted as much as I was this Christmas. What is wrong with all those little people that work inside the cable box? Don't they know better?

For the past few weeks, movies from 20-25 years ago have been playing. I've seen those too, too many times already.

After my surgery, I laid around hoping to find something to watch. I finally got smart and thought, "Lisa you dummy, you have Pay Per View, see what you can find". Guess what? One decent movie advertised on Pay Per View, the rest of the 4 channels were porn. Yeah just what I want to see. Come on! Surely people don't watch soaps and porn all day? Well okay, I'm sure some of you are into that, heeheehee. Please don't volunteer to tell me about it. I'm a very, VERY visual person!!

I think it's time to give up cable. Hubby will blow both gaskets. Heaven forbid he not actually SEE a Cardinals game. If he can't he's got his earbuds in listening to the game on the radio. He'd prefer the tube.

So after this post, I will continue to channel surf. Or clean the bathroom...NOT!


Becca Watson said...

I know what you mean!! We should just get rid of the bulky satalite dish on our roof, God knows we pay enough for it, but we don't. Most of the tv we watch comes from tv shows we rent from netflix..

tam said...

OOOH my gosh~AMEN Sister! I love to watch TV I admit it-but there isn't much worth watching most of the time! We are a TV family, we even have two TIVO's but these days the shows-UUGGHH most are aweful I think. But I did find out today that the show I sold my story to on ABC "In the Motherhood" Is going to be on starts March 26th (I think it said) on ABC.com-you can watch the preview for it there. I will be watching that show for sure!!! LoL! ~Smiles~Tam!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Last night we watched the dog show. It was refreshing after the fare we are usually offered.

This is our schedule of viewing at our house. Fox News, NCIS reruns, Murder She Wrote reruns and once in a blue moon a good old black and white classic movie. That is all and we've had the discussion concerning satellite many a time. We have it here and at the lake.

We used to like to watch the Biography channel, but then they began showing one serial killer after another and that ruined it. They used to have good shows from Great Britain on A&E, but then they started showing things about serial killers, so that ruined that network. It's the same on each network. Horrible programming!

Terri and Bob said...

I know what you mean. We have the satellite version of cable tv, no better.

Do you get Food Network or HGTV? I can watch those forever!

Mrs.DD said...

I agree! It seems like it has gotten worse recently. My hubby and I have started renting movies alot. We have thought about giving up cable as well because it is sooo expensive!

Jackie said...

I'm laughing...I was saying the same thing at Christmas about all the horror movies that were on. I'm with Terri...I could watch HGTV all the time too. I wish we had DIY network and I'm sure I'd watch that too. Unfortunately, at my house it's mostly Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon that are on most of the time.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I agree! I can do without cable, but I do love HGTV once in awhile, even though they have cancelled most of my favorite shows. But they have also renewed some and made a few more interesting ones lately.
We also have out internet through our cable company, so not very easy for me to give up on it. LOL!

Nanci said...

Sometimes the secondary channels, like Bravo, National Geographics or PBS have the best stuff.
We watch BBCC and never miss Judge John Deed. It's so current and he is so sleezy. I love that show.
I watch Damages all the time with Glenn Close and we also record lots of stuff to see without commercials to interrupt us.

Sue said...

You think cable is bad you should try a satellite dish...No don't try a dish...It's horrible. Not to mention how it looks up on the front roof of the house!! We have 200 channels of which half are some form of ESPN....pay per view movies....they offer like 7 at a time...I am even sick of reruns of Law and Order Criminal Intent....and I am their biggest fan....We rent through the "Red Box"....you can't beat first run movies for $1.00