Sunday, February 22, 2009

Help, We Have UnWanted Company

Yes, you guessed it, we have moles. It started last summer in late July or August. Maybe due to all the rain? There's a few houses on our street that have a mole issue also. However, NOT like ours. We have a huge front yard and they are slowly making their way from the side yard to the front yard. We thought they took vacation in winter time. Unlikely we see now. After the first big snow melted after Christmas, we found new mole runs.
We have tried everything. Our nice neighbor Brent gave us a trap to use last summer. Hubby said the trap went off a few times, but there was no mole.
We've tried some toxic type peanuts from the local hardware store.
We've had professionals spray for grubs.
Is it dog pooh? Is it something other than grubs. The nice lady at the nursery where we hired professional help indicated if there are no grubs, the moles will eat other bugs.
Websites have offered all kinds of miracle cures. I'm not asking for a miracle really, I think God has more important things to do, but I do ask for any kind of advice that actually works. We are to a point we know we cannot even mow our side yard this spring when it's time. We are sad. Hubby worked his butt off taking care of the yard last summer. This is his reward?

This is the front yard where we did a lot of work last summer removing some old stuff.

Mole work has moved to the front of the house like you see here.

This is at the side of the yard. He's been busy. Or THEY have been busy.

The side yard moving to the front. You can start to see this area from the road.

My new landscaping. I have a new Weeping Cherry we planted last summer as well as the miniature lilac you see here. I hope this one makes it as well as the tree. I'm afraid we are S.O.L.

This is what the little bastard does every time we check out new runs he's made. We know he's doing this. He's having quite the time. We've tried to track him but can't.
Again, if anyone has any great advice, it's more than welcome here. Oh, yes I forgot one the neighbor man suggested, but it's illegal to do in town. That's get the rifle out and use it.


Terri and Bob said...

My husband likes to tell of the time he invited his burly men friends over for BBQ and beer. The guys got rather....rowdy.... and peed off the deck. No more moles. I don't know what happened but really, no more moles.

Haven't seen any here yet but I can say that where there are grubs there are moles. Kill the grubs and at least some might move.

Becca Watson said...

I remember we had moles when I was a kid, or was it gophers (samething?). I don't really remember how my parents got rid of them, although I do remember my grandpa blocking one hole and sticking the water hose down another. I guess he drowned them..

I hope your having a good weekend, aside from the mole problem.. ♥

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I'll have to remember to tell J, Terri's P cure!!

They are all over the place at home, too, Lisa. If you find out any way to be rid of them, I'd love to know.

Jackie said...

I'd love to know too. We have a terrible time with them. They have stayed in the yard but I have now noticed they've moved to my flower beds...the war is on now! I heard that if you live in an old neighborhood (like we do) that there really isn't a way to get rid of them. I hope that's not true.

Anonymous said...

I have no answers here. What a frustrating problem.

Anonymous said...

Every Sunday their special is online. just type
Im watching too =)

Kath said...

Well, we have the same problem!! We've tried everything too, with NO luck! There's gotta be something that works-I don't like the yard all dug up, but what really makes me angry is my flower beds!!!!!!!
Let me know if ya find something that works!

Have great day

Anonymous said...

Oh how sad. Nasty critters.....Good luck getting rid of them, wish I had the answer for you.

The Blue Ridge Gal

tam said...

We have moles too! From what I have learned basically not much you can do. If you find a fix you will have to share it! Good luck with that girl! Have a happy Monday too!~Tam :D

Lisa said...

Aw, I hope someone can help you figure out how to get rid of them.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Lisa
We took a little drive around the Mall this afternoon. As far as I can tell Oneida is the only store that is clearly going out of business. VanHeusen has a 7.99 for everything in the store, sale. That sort of sounds like they are closing.

I saw Tuesday Morning and will go back and check it out. I didn't know it was in the Mall. I usually go to Oneida, Bath & Body, Kitchen Collection, Eddie Bauer (love the 3/4 sleeve tees) and the bookstore. I hope Tuesday Morning sticks around for a little while. Almost all the home stores are gone, except for the kitchen place and Shepherd Hills outlet, as far as I know. I love the kitchen store. I am a gadgetaholic!

Sue said...

You have my sympathy!! We are trying to grow a lawn with the half-assed help of Tru Green...we also have something?? doing some strange stuff all over the lawn...A rabbit? the neighbors dog? something is just chewing it all up and spitting it back out..little holes, pellets of some's not pleasant and it's costing me $35. amonth for the "lawn specialist" to shrug his shoulders....

Terry said...

We have them too, but not that bad! At our last place one of the kids left a can of coke with a little at the bottom outside overnight, and in the morning, there was a mole in it trying very desperately to get out.
The stupid thing didn't have a chance. hehehe! We're going to try it here if we see them this spring. So far we haven't see any signs.
Good luck!

Susan said...

I have never had to deal with moles....Let us know what the answer is, if you ever get one. Sorry!

Mrs. DD said...

We have had moles before as well. They are very intelligent creatures!

Kindra said...

I'm sorry about your mole problem and torn up yard. They sure do some damage. I'm unsure if we have problems like that in Nebraska...We have a stray cat and bunny problem. Having a garden this year will be quite interesting.

Barb said...

Hi Lisa, I feel for ya! We have had those little buggers too. Yikes!!!!

Mole Bait said...

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