Monday, August 23, 2010

Hanging on to Summer

One thing that gives me complete peace is the lake. My father used to love to go to the lake and watch the water and everything about it. Me too. The sound of the waves crashing, the gulls in the air, and on this particular day, the voices of community service workers painting the handrails on the steps completed my picture perfect peaceful day.
The beach was filled with so many butterflies today. This one was my lucky shot. He danced and danced, teasing me. I was just grateful to get his one picture of his prideful pose.

Not sure about this little fella. He was a dancer too. Having fun in the sun was his agenda for the day. I felt as though I must have known him in a previous life, if that's possible. He'd tickle my hand, bounce to my beach bag, fly a few feet away and come back to me.

He's striking a skinny pose here. I really like how he matches my bag. Maybe that's why he kept hanging around.

I was about to leave, but my Ipod insisted I stay for one more song. Then...

these boys showed up. They had a "skin board" and was trying to perfect their surfing on the water's edge. I asked if I could take their pictures while they "surfed". One boy replied I'd have to ask the one who owned the board, the one that smoked the pot. Okay, so this old lady didn't take the bait. Instead, I just started snapping pictures. Take notice of the one holding the skin board. He was fun and didn't mind enlightening me thru the course of the surf.
I wished I had asked his name. He was a toot. Toot even invited me to try to surf several times. Toot asked, "do you think you can do it?" Teasing me with the cutest grin only an ornery boy can possess, I had to reply, "of course I can do that!" "Well COME ON THEN!" he yelled.

I believe this to be the owner of the skin board. He got it in California. After asking him if it was a piece of plywood, he giggled and said, "yeah, it is."
The boys got on a roll and put on a show for me. They surfed and did some awesome flips in the water. They were getting loud and crazy. Their energy mounted. The more their adrenaline pumped the better they surfed. My camera even started to overheat.
my batteries went dead...
the story of my life...


Gayla said...

Very way cool... I have always heard that butterflies like that are the essence of our loved ones coming back to spend time with us... I have seen a few in the yard and when I sit on the porch that make me wonder.... Hugs so much.

D.O.S.A. said...

Sand and water are amazing, but with the added happiness that seeing butterflies would bring, well, that would do it for me, as well.
Someone needs to invent batteries that never die.

Kat said...

I've been seeing some butterflies too, but lately I've seen A LOT of dragonflies.