Friday, June 18, 2010

Thunder Booms the Night

Tonight we are having lots and lots of storms and this little blondie is just downright nervous about it. The thunderbooms and lightening are keeping me up as well.

This is what Callee thinks...she's happy she's not having to find shelter like last summer. She lets me know in her very own way. Trust me.


D.O.S.A. said...

Every day we have had thunder...not much rain, but thunder. I like it about as much as a dog!

As I write this, I am listening to a bunch of booming, but not a single rain drop...and something or someone needs to water the veggies.

Gayla said...

Wasn't that a storm? I got up and listened to the radio! Hugs!

Kat said...

Sweet photos.

Miss Daisy started getting nervous over thunder and lightning a few months ago. Not sure why it just started. She stays right with one of us, usually her daddy.


Anonymous said...

As long as the thunder boomers bring rain showers with them they are quite welcome.. Very HOT and humid here this week and will be all week. Makes us feel as though we are in AZ again with temps here in the 90's for heaven sakes.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I hear there have been bad storms back there. Be safe! Your babies are so cute!

Get better soon!