Monday, February 22, 2010

Run Annie Run

Run Annie Run! She's running up the slope of our driveway. Fortunately we have a really sweet neighbor behind us (who does NOT have a dog that barks all night) blades our driveway with his little John Deere mower. However, due to all the snow that has accumulated recently, he can no longer push the snow any further out. After last night's blowing conditions, our driveway has drifted to a very narrow lane. I was able to get out about an hour ago to return movies and pick up much needed contact lens'. Annie and Kia got to go outside for a bit of fresh, cold air and to play and potty. After shoveling snow around my vehicle, I realized why people with heart conditions are warned NOT to do that. Good grief I really have got to get in shape before I start walking outside again.

I love this picture of Annie. Her ears rarely, if ever, stand up. Unless you offer her an unexpected treat. They tend to lay flat like a propeller. Stay warm everyone. It's suppose to be extremely cold temps all week in my neck of the woods!! For those of you living on sandy beaches, are you sure we aren't related???


Pat@BPM said...

Hi Lisa!
You got a lot more snow than we did! And we didn't get any of the weather you had, over the weekend.

I thought about you the other day, when we stopped at Artichoke Annie's. That was our first visit and hopefully not our last. Loved every bit of it.

Congratulations to your mother on her retirement!

Carol............. said...

We're in Arizona for the winter and it's been cold here, too! No snow but bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Our home in Washington State had warmer weather LOL!

I enjoyed you blog and the wonderful pictures.

Anonymous said...


Lisa @ akawest said...

I keep telling you that we have an empty sleeping bag. If we ever upgrade to a bed, I bet we will have flocks of visitors...yeah, sure.

It is cold here. Briana still wore capris to school, but she topped them with a hoodie. I wore my winter coat when I ran errands. I saw a neighbor walking, and she and on gloves. Even I am not that wimpy when the temps are in the fifties. The norm is 70, so if we are lucky, NEXT winter will be normal.

Anonymous said...

Missouri Blogger:

I would like to include your furry friend in the SHOW ME STATE DOGS photo album!!!

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Let’s keep in touch,

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