Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Huge Hairy - Get Some REST!!

See this guy? I wish I could've made him bigger. We have new neighbors next door. Stacie moved away taking her beloved girls Tammy and Molly. They were good dog girls. They didn't bark much, just escaped their lush backyard on occasion worrying their mama silly. I miss those unbarking girls.

Our new neighbors? Well very young couple. Not too friendly yet. Maybe it's their generation. Maybe I need to take them cookies or tomatoes or something. Anyway they've been there about a month now. Last Friday a huge hairy something dog moved into the backyard. He even brought his own cage. Being new to surroundings he let everyone know on Friday night and early Saturday and Sunday morning that he just moved into the neighborhood. The welcoming committee must have left him off their welcome to town list. He has the deepest dog voice I've ever heard. He cooled it Sunday night. Monday night. He blew it last night. This working class gal has to get up at 4:30am and not really sure how much longer Huge Hairy can delight the new neighborhood. I always hate to complain because we have 2 hairy girls that aren't always perfect. But then again, they don't bark "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" at 2am either.

Huge Hairy may get a ticket for disturbing the peace if he don't watch out. Or worse yet, Annie may feel the need to contact the 1-800 canine hotline for neglect. Then I just might record him and send it to Dr. Phil for evaluation. Dr. Phil may have to investigate and remove Huge Hairy from his home for maladjustment reasons. Gosh, this could be embarrassing. We all may get subpoenaed to Dr. Phil's show for our own takes on the situation. I wonder if they can black out my image and disguise my voice?

Huge Hairy, I'm off to bed. I know the weather is super nice this evening. It's spring and romance is in the air. I know cause I see all the cats prowling the neighborhood with the tails hooked high in the air. Please Huge Hairy, Ignore the cats, the girls up the hill, and your other next door neighbors who scream for recreational arguments. Just ignore them. Life will get better. You can adjust Huge Hairy. Welcome to the neighborhood. Now go to sleep!!!


tam said...

Maybe a visit is in order with gifts, like cookies for the humans and doggie treats for big hairy? Gosh can you throw something for him to chew on over the fence? Good luck with that I know how hard that can be!~Tam:D

Becky K. said...

Arrgghh...we had that happen when our neighbors had first moved in years ago. They, without us saying anything, realized the dog wasn't adjusting and found it a new home. She wasn't willing for it to be in her new had never been outside.
I hope your neighbors are as upset at Big Hairy's Big Mouth as you are and will remedy the situation

Awww...this is too bad.

Domestic Designer said...

Oh that is just miserable when a dog is barking and you are trying to sleep. Hopefully he will adjust and soon! Sleep well!

Lisa said...

Oh, oh, oh, that sounds dreadful. I would talk to them about the barking. No, I wouldn't. I would make my husband do it. Yep, that would work, except in our case, he wouldn't do it for me.

Maybe the neighbors are shy. My shyness is often mistaken for being a snot. Hopefully that is the case, and they aren't jerks.

Terri and Bob said...

I feel your pain!

Yes, Nixon is living in the Mansion, even though he has a house just down the road. Matt lived in the Mansion, too during the week. Lady Matt refused to live there. I have been in the living quarters and they are FAR different than living in a museum. To each their own.

Helen said...

Oh dear ... I hope this situation resolves itself before any 'damage' is done! I had to laugh at your comment on my roundabout art .... I will never, ever forget that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, there's nothing worst than having a barking dog bark ALL NIGHT! I hope he settles down...maybe cookies would be a good thing then it might be easier to tell them to SHUT THEIR FUR BABY UP in the sweetest way possible. :)

Susie Q said...

Oh no! Our new next door dog is Mille and she is quite the barker. They tried the bark free collar but she was miserable. Good thing all of is in this bock love pets!
It tool me awhile to have her make up but now she is a big love...still barls a lot but she makes up for it by being sweet!

Nanci said...

Hi, I've missed you too! I have been meaning to pop by and say hello, but have been busy.
I just read a bunch of your very funny posts. Being Nascar fans, we don't follow baseball, or hockey (Canadian too) which makes us a bit odd in the neighbourhood.
However, I don't think our opening day of baseball is quite like St. Louis...glad to be back